About Us


Founded in 2009, Semantic Intelligent Technologies is an IT company located in Amman Jordan, devoted to providing top-notch web solutions. Specialized in a wide variety of Internet services; Semantic Intelligent Technologies’ goal is to provide elite and outstanding services and products and to build a rock-solid relationship with its clients.

The team at Semantic Intelligent Technologies has the right blend of skills; highly experienced and creative developers and designers who work hand-in-hand with our clients to turn their ideas into reality. Even if your ideas haven't found their way onto paper yet, we can help you.

Who we are

Our mission is to facilitate high end technology by developing practical and highly scalable web and mobile platforms to create smarter way of living and doing business.

Our vision is to create a difference in the technology field by constantly innovating technology breakthroughs, and becoming the leading technology center in the middle east and the world.

We believe in innovation and fast paced environments. The technology domain is a very fast market, and having an edge in technology requires high adaptability and responsiveness. With the experiences that we have gathered, we mastered the fast pace and are constantly pushing forward.

Whether you have a small, medium, or large business, local or international, our team will do everything possible to meet and exceed your expectations to help you grow your business. As we believe that understanding what your business is all about is the first and most essential step to accomplishing the desired goals, we use all the information available to help your business in the best way possible.

Our team is consistent, knowledgeable, competitive and committed to the client; therefore, our projects are tailor-made to fit unique requirements. Our aim has always been to deliver radical and easy to use web solutions. In other words, we are passionate about what we do and that is reflected in our work and the reputation we have built.

Our designers and developers are brimming with fresh and new ideas that will put together a great outcome that will promote your company’s professional image and increase public awareness of your company’s name, brand, and identity.